Circuit Creations
The following data sheets apply to the central components of Circuit Creations kits.
The manuals consistent of schematics, instructions, and parts list for each kit.

 Kit No


 Data Sheets & Manuals

  LM317 Adjustable Power Supply
LM317 Data Sheet
Kit 101 Manual
 LM386 Audio Amplifier LM386 Data Sheet
Kit 102 Manual
 K103  555 Configurable Oscillator and Timer SE555 Data Sheet
Kit 103 Manual
 K104 - K109  Micro-Controller for Kits K104 to K109 PIC16F1826_Data_Sheet
 K104  Digital Temperature Controller Kit 104 Manual
Kit 104 Arduino Temperature Monitor Project
 K105  Electronic Photo Diode Ambient and Laser Light Sensor
 Remote Control By Cell / Mobile Phone
Kit 105 Manual
 K106  Remote IR Infrared Controlled Electronic Switch Kit 106 Manual
 K107  Piezo Vibration and Motion Sensor Kit 107 Manual
 K109  Electronic Timer- Adjustable from Seconds to Days Kit 109 Manual
 K110  Surface Mount Device Practice Kit
Kit 110 Manual

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